Paola Hernández

American fashion designer, born in Mexico City. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Prior to her career in fashion, Paola Hernández studied philosophy.  Paola studied fashion at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, and shoe design at ARS Sutoria in Milan.

“Fashion is the manifestation of collective consciousness in everyday life, always moving forward,” says Paola. "A garment is constantly evolving even after the design process is finished. The styling choices of the person wearing it give each piece a different interpretation each time... My creative process starts with a question of how to understand human evolution."

Through fashion design, Hernández explores philosophical concepts. These  often engender a spirit of collaboration with the world of contemporary art with deep symbolism behind each design element.

The materials used in each garment aim to reflect different concepts. Bringing together the highest quality textiles and yarns from Japan and Italy, the pieces are locally manufactured in New York City and Los Angeles. Within this belief, the shoes are made in Mexico City with local leather. 

Throughout her career, Paola Hernández has presented her collections in New York, London, Paris, Reykjavik, Bogota, and Mexico City.

Photo by Larkin Clark

Photo by Larkin Clark

The logo embodies Paola's search as a designer. It has two hearts that represent duality, forming a third in the middle symbolizing unity from within.

Spring 2018, Passage of Light

The Spring 2018 collection, titled “Passage of Light,” derives from the transition into motherhood.

Paola Hernández experienced motherhood as a rite of passage while designing this collection. She collaborated with her husband, Michael Kagan, to create a special print for this collection. The print is based off of one of his paintings titled Summit, 2017

The womenswear is made in New York City with Japanese fabrics.

The knitwear is made in Los Angeles, California with Italian yarns.

Mindy Lai wearing Paola Hernández | Makeup by Regan Rabanal | Hair by Daniela Schult | Photo by Frank Apollonio

Mindy Lai wearing Paola Hernández | Makeup by Regan Rabanal | Hair by Daniela Schult | Photo by Frank Apollonio